Ladakh- a treasure to this world 


Ladakh. You can’t even describe it! The fact that such beautiful places exist in our country, in India is (unfortunately) very surprising for I think all who go there. 

It’s a once in a lifetime experience (unless you go twice) without which… The term YOLO doesn’t make sense.

It has an extremely diverse landscape, it’s either extra extra extra sunny or extra extra extra cold. 

The landscape is also extremely exaggerated, because of the light and shadow and contrast. A single mountain will have swirls of different browns, yellows and reds. The shadows are absolutely stunning! 

And because of the extreme use of browns, even the slightest bit of colour stands out. 

It has an amazing culture, and has plenty of beautiful monasteries, all full of adorable little baby monks.

not that these guys are exactly babies compared to me.

Ladakh is at the moment the most scenic and stunning place I have been to, and it probably will be for a while. If it’s not on your “places to go” list, it definitely should be.


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