It’s Not the End

As I walk on the bloody battle grounds,

I remember all those dead,
But was is not the answer, not the end,
I know because so I said.
I remember the day we became free,
Emotions all around,
People laughing and dancing happily,
And others looking for family, 
Never to be found.
Sadly, we all make compromises,
And it was not as I had wished. 
Into two my country split, 
With lights the train tracks lit.
Today, two years later,
I wake up at the early light, 
Go for my prayers, almost complete them, 
But can’t, try as I might.
A man comes forward for blessings,
Shoots me down instead.
Everyone is mourning,
But I know, death is not the end.
I wrote this poem in fifth grade, almost three years ago and came a across it again today. I based on Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, and our freedom from my perspective. Hopefully it’s accurate for his life too.
I hope you enjoyed it!

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