Wanderlust, Travelling and Photographs…

Hello. I’m Tishya, a music enthusiast, a young  teenager who is awkwardly tall for her age, and, of course, a dreamer. And my dream is to travel the world, and to capture wonderful moments in the form of photographs.

I think that a camera is a most amazing creation; a virtual book, a memory box. It’s full of stories waiting to be told, moments wanting to be relived, and emotions and colours longing to warm our hearts.

Wanderlust, travel and pictures. There is not one day which passes during which these words are not in my head. They’ve been carved into my brain!

Traveling. It’s a whole new level of learning, where, instead of reading about something, or someplace, your doing something in someplace. A form of learning where you truly understand, think and reflect on what you see; the people, the culture, the beauty… everything.

But, at least in my mind, people forget. They forget the experiences they’ve had, the people they’ve met, the colours they’ve seen. And a picture is like a trigger. A single photograph is like an entire story unraveling, and a flood of colour flowing into our lives.

I think all these words; Wanderlust, travel and pictures, are linked. Wanderlust causes you to travel and go new places, and the more you travel, the more your magical memory box, your camera, gets filled up with stories, colours, and experiences.

Our world may be a dark, polluted, unsafe and violent. But it’s also filled with smiles, colours, cultures and joy. You just have to look.



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