A Happy Little Marble Floating in Space

In the past few hours, I have come to a surprising realisation. I am a pessimist.

During my fifteen years on this planet, I have carefully perfected the art of being able to complain about anything and everything. Maybe its something small- either the sun is too bright, or I have far too much work, or I feel as though people don’t listen to me. Perhaps its something big- I’m sad because of all the beggars I see on the street, frustrated by the way women are treated in this world, or shocked by the hundreds of acts of terrorism committed each year.

Our world is, to us, a massive place. Everyday, hundreds of terrible things happen- to us, to people we know, to strangers. Perhaps a building is bombed, or a person killed, or a child kidnapped. Cruel, intolerant and oppressive acts take place. Horrible injustices are committed.

Everyday, terrible things do happen.

But wonderful things happen too. Everyday, friendships are forged. Everyday, people fall in love. Everyday, people help one another. Everyday, human beings connect with others, accept others, support others and love others. And that in itself is a beautiful thing.

In comparison to the Universe, our planet is minuscule. Some go on to say that is is completely insignificant. But what if we were happier? What if our planet was a happier place? Our happy little marble could then make the Universe a more joyful place.


People Know Nothing

We live in a universe of which the extent we do not know.

In a galaxy of unknown inhabitants.

On a planet where we do not know another person’s mind.

We Know Nothing.

Who are we, who know… nothing, to comment on another’s thoughts.

Who are we to comment on another’s beliefs.

On who they love.

On their fears, hopes and dreams.

We Know Nothing.

So who are we to judge?