Take Away

You experienced death

But did you take away sadness?

You experienced success

But did you take with you joy?

You experienced pain

But did you learn courage?

You experienced relationships

But did you take with you love?

You experienced the world-

The mountains, the trees,

the cool autumn breeze.

The people, the places,

A thousand lustful gazes.

But from it, did you gain anything at all?

People Know Nothing

We live in a universe of which the extent we do not know.

In a galaxy of unknown inhabitants.

On a planet where we do not know another person’s mind.

We Know Nothing.

Who are we, who know… nothing, to comment on another’s thoughts.

Who are we to comment on another’s beliefs.

On who they love.

On their fears, hopes and dreams.

We Know Nothing.

So who are we to judge?